Our Story

We started to make gelato tubs in 2013. At that time, the customer took a sample and asked if the tub could be made stronger, not easy to crack, and not easy to break. After many attempts, we finally improved the formula of the material, after the tub is squeezed and knocked, it will not break or crack, because it is filled with gelato and ice cream, the material of the tub is also food grade, and it has passed the FDA test report.

We have made a series of gelato tubs, there are various sizes suitable for the showcases, and we can also customize the tub according to the size of the showcases of customers.

Looking forward to hearing from you, hope to cooperate with you as soon as possible!


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Contact: Mr. Max Huang

Phone: +8618968044117

E-mail: sales@gelato-tub.com


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